False Pretense

I work in a world of facts and, as Lionel Hutz used to say, “the truth & the truth.”

My job requires spinning away the actions of others. “Rehab” becomes “exhaustion.” “No comment” means “pregnant.”

This is why I tend to see through lies better than most, because most of my job requires deciphering spin.

It’s so easy to lie because so many people are expecting you to say what you want them to say. You can simply say what they want to hear & boom! You’re off the hook! But you can’t fool everyone, least of all yourself.

Eventually you’ll feel the hole & you’ll become desperate to fill it, becoming more and more…bizarre as you go. But when all is said & done, you know what you need to fill the hole. That’s why I always say that you should never trust someone’s words when their actions are the polar opposite. You can fake words, actions, not so much.

Whether it’s a new spiritual path, a new job, new outlook or denying the reality that everyone can see and you continue to deny, you know what will fill that void & sadly, most of us won’t fill it because it requires an admission of an error, the fear of the unknown, etc. m

Much like I have said in this blog on a previous post, most of the problems in life are caused by two reasons:

1. We act without thinking.
2. We keep thinking without acting.

More resolutions would come if we would stop doing these things. We would self sabotage less & be happy more often. We need to look at our lives and realize that we know what will fill the void & stop pushing it away because it requires some work, some changes, risk & maybe even eating a little crow (A good friend of mine was forced to eat a little crow after 10 years & found it was nothing but positive). Because chances are, the answer you always comes back to is likely the best thing for you.

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