Sometimes I like to post randomness based on random hashtags solely for amusement.

Once, it was 30 things about me, then five things I hate. Now, it’s going to be…

*drum roll*

10 places I want to go!

I want to go to many different places. I want to travel the world and see many things, but as I compiled this list I realized that there was more than just a location, some places are events where I just really want to go or see. So, I made the list with that in mind. It’s not always about location, but who you’re with or where you want to go.

1. Disneyworld. My goal in life is to take my littles to Disneyworld and show them Princess Aurora’s Castle and meet all of the characters and ride the teacups and all of that good stuff. It would be a dream come true for them and to see the looks on their little faces would sustain me for the rest of my days. I would probably feel my inner eight year old marking out with joy as well. There’s just something about the idea of taking the girlies there that makes me smile just thinking about it.

2. Antigua. The sand has a pinkish hue, which means it’s a girlie-girl beach! My kind of island! Honestly, if I could ever whip my butt into something bathing suit worthy, that would be my ideal destination for a romantic vacation/honeymoon if I ever chose to walk down the aisle again/girls only resort vacation. There’s a casino for cards (once I finally learn how to play), beaches for lounging and music galore! The idea of lazing near my one true love the sun while enjoying cocktails and island breezes sounds just too perfect; I’d have to be reminded to come home.

3. The Wedding Where No One is Betting On How Long It Will Last. The over/under on my wedding was three years. Honestly, out of all of the weddings that I’ve attended, I’ve only been to two where I thought “Wow, these two will be together forever.” Most people I talk to say they’ve never attended a wedding where they thought that the couple was going to make it for the long haul. I guess in this world of divorce and “Till we get really bored do us part” it’s hard to say that you see the “Happily ever after” at someone’s nups. However, I want to go to that wedding, where it’s two people very obviously meant to be together and you just know that they’re going to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and still be freaking adorable. I truly hope I attend three; when all three of my daughters walk down the aisle.

4. Ireland. I want to travel the country side, drink whiskey with Bono and a guy named Seamus who promptly punches a guy named Galen and someone plays uptempo celtic music all day long! (Yes, I am well aware that U2 doesn’t randomly appear, and bar fights and random celtic pipe bands are not in Ireland, please don’t take this away from me.) My family’s lineage is Irish and I’d kind of like to see my ancestor’s homeland. I think it would be amazing to explore the old castles and pretend I’m some kind of princess (like I do in Casa Loma) and learn more about this country’s amazing history.

5. New Orleans. I want to go to the French Quarter and the graveyards and listen to jazz at night! I have always loved New Orleans and while it may not be number one on this list, it’s definitely my number one vacation spot. I don’t care if it’s Mardi Gras with my zany friends, a romantic vacation to the Quarter (which wouldn’t be fretfully romantic as my boyfriend would promptly abandon me for his date with Drew Brees) or even going by myself on some kind of weird pilgrimage, it would be a dream come true just to go. It’s got to be on my bucket list somewhere.

6. The moment fear is conquered. Maybe someday I’ll finally get over my fear of geese! Honestly, I would love to experience the moment that someone finally overcomes that fear that’s dominated much of their life, whether it’s my fear or someone else’s. Being part of that euphoric moment where the chains that have bound them are broken and the feeling of invincibility because they are no longer afraid is just something that is too awesome. Perhaps if you’ve experienced it, it’s something you understand. If not, think of that moment when you were little and you were riding your bike and you realized there were no training wheels and no one was holding on; that’s the moment. Imagine reliving it as an adult, knowing that fear that held you back is gone and you’re now free. Don’t you want to go there too?

7. A Manchester United Football Match. I don’t watch football. I have a dear friend who has tried to educate me for years. But I don’t want to go for the sport itself; I’m going for the fans! The MUFC have some of the most insanely loyal fans in the entire world and I want to see some soccer hooliganism first hand! I want to bring all of my MUFC loving friends and watch them go from intellectual minds to snarling beasts!  You’ve gotta love fan loyalty, it’s just so awesome!

8. Every province. I want to see my great nation (especially British Columbia). I think it would be awesome to just see each and every province and learn something new about my homeland. I’ve only been to two so far, so clearly I have some catching up to do.

9. Nowhere to do nothing. As someone who spends 95% of their day parenting, researching, errand running, learning, studying, etc. I have always wanted one day where I went nowhere in particular and did absolutely nothing. Literally…nothing. Cell phones stay in the car, car stays parked somewhere and you just walk enjoying nature and the wonder of being together. No one could call or text and ruin your perfect moment and there are no appointments or reservations. It’s just you and the person that you love most in the entire world enjoying the perfection that is nothing.

10. In MY Home. I have a house right now. It’s a pretty nice house. It’s painted pretty colours and I like living here. But someday, I want MY house, with MY name on the mortgage, the mailbox. I want it to be MINE. One of my major goals in life is to buy my own home for the girls and I to live in that is ours. A place that we own where we can plant our garden, upkeep our yard, paint the walls any kooky colour we want. It doesn’t have to be a palatial estate or Barbie’s Dream Home. Just a place in the world that is mine.