30 Days of Truth Day 11

Day 11 : Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Most people compliment me on my eyes, apparently they’re quite striking.

They’re the one physical feature that people tend to compliment. It’s why I wear eyeshadow that plays them up. I don’t wear any other makeup though, I don’t want to look slutty.


However, the one person who generally doesn’t compliment my appearance is my beau. He will if we’re going somewhere & I’ve dressed up for the occasion, but he generally reserves his compliments for character traits. He tells me I’m sweet, smart, funny & how I make him calmer & happier than he’s ever been. These are the ones that I love hearing most of all. It’s nice to hear that you’re pretty, but it’s even better to hear that someone cares about you for who you are underneath the nice clothes & the makeup, that they’ve gotten to know the “real” you & still want to be with you. It’s lovely.