“Farewell” All?

Former WWE & TNA talent Matt Hardy crossed a line with many fans last night when he posted a fake suicide note on YouTube, prompting concerned fans to call the police.

Twitter was abuzz last night about the incident, with Hardy’s sister in law Beth Britt even voicing her displeasure over the incident. Hardy later claimed it was part of his “rebirth” and apologized but the damage had been done.

Hardy is no stranger to controversy. He once famously shot a photo of his former girlfriend Amy “Lita” Dumas after their break up & dressed another woman in her clothing. In an attempt to leave WWE last year, he posted a series of bizarre YouTube clips claiming the dark “Matthew” had overtaken him. He was recently arrested for Driving Under the influence. Hardy’s penchant for erratic behavior is well known to wrestling fans around the world & many laugh at his antics.

But suicide is no joke. The good people at the Trevor Project how funny suicide is. Tyler Clementi’s parents would tell you it’s hilarious. What about the Von Erich’s, A famed wrestling family who lost their son Terry to suicide? Suicide is a cowardly solution to a problem in one’s lives, leaving families & friends behind to pick up the pieces. Considering the number of wrestlers who have taken their own lives, Hardy’s hoax was especially cruel.

Matt Hardy needs help, there’s no doubt about it but like the boy who cried wolf, what will happen next time Hardy reaches his breaking point? Will his fans care? Will his brother & sister in law believe him? It’s a shame but once fact & fiction are blurred, the truth is often lost.