Dear Vampire Diary: Being A Vampire Teenager Sucks

Dear Vampire Diary,

This week we learned that even teenage vampires have mama drama.

(Spoiler alert! Don’t read if you haven’t viewed it yet)

Newborn vamp/drama queen Caroline Forbes showed some pretty open hostility to her mother, prompting even the self absorbed Damon to rush to the Sherrif’s defense.  The relationship between mother and daughter was strained during the first season, but after Logan Fell’s abduction of Caroline and her car accident, relations seemed to have thawed. That of course was before Caroline became a daywalking vampire.

Relations between mother and daughter came to a head thanks to canine hottie Mason Lockwood. Despite Stefan’s best attempt to repair vampire/werewolf relations (“Awww…but I don’t want peace), Mason was determined to wipe Stefan and Damon out. After convincing Sherrif Forbes that the Salvatore hotties were indeed vampires, he used a little girl to bring Damon lemonade spiked with (gasp!) Vervain. Sherrif Forbes pumped the brothers full of wooden bullets and began to torture Damon before Elena and Caroline made the save. Caroline’s mother was horrified to see her daughter was now a vampire and swore her daughter was “gone” and refused to see her, reducing the girl to tears. Damon’s sparing of Caroline’s mother and even defending Caroline’s humanity melted the ice between Elena and Damon as well.

Speaking of Caroline, she got to show off her bad assery when she kicked the crap out of Mason Lockwood. Knowing Mason’s attitude towards women, his ego is bruised alot more than his body. I hope Damon makes fun of him in another episode.

Damon also managed to thaw relations between Elena and Stefan. After weeks of pretending to quarrel and his inability to recover after the Forbes beating, Stefan realized Damon was right; he does need human blood to have the strength to protect Elena from Katherine. Drawing on what Katherine said about building a vervain tolerance, Stefan plans to build up a tolerance to human blood by consuming little bits at a time. Elena is initially angry, as blood drunk Stefan makes for a bad boyfriend, but Damon takes up for baby brother, pointing out that Stefan really does need it to survive. Realizing that Damon is right, she allows Stefan to drink her blood, claiming they need to fight Katherine together.

Katherine kept a safe distance from the Salvatores, instead to claim the sacred moonstone from werewolf lover Mason. Mason got the stone from nephew Tyler, who was nearly cursed after an incident with the stairs and a drunk girl. Jeremy admitted he knew Tyler’s secret, forming an unlikely bond (I guess they needed more in common then having dead parents and doing Vicki Bennett). Katherine’s real agenda is revealed; she wants the moonstone and manipulated Mason Lockwood into accepting his “gift” so she could retrieve it. However, she seems to have an interest in BOTH Salvatore brothers and insists that Mason stay away. I guess all that professing of love for Stefan was a ploy to divide and conquer the brothers, or was it?

Next week’s preview shows another Damon/Bonnie showdown and Elena receiving some pretty serious threats from Katherine. What’s gonna happen next? Luckily for us, VD never makes us wait too long to find out!