Everything Has Changed

I realized that almost all of my major life choices are made in one of four ways:

1. I didn’t think about it at all; I just knew & dug in my heels & was stubborn because I’m right.
2. I thought it over to death & second guessed myself.
3. I determined the geese/human ratio.
4. I was offered pancakes.

When my choices are made through option 2, they can be easily rocked. So easily, that one tiny thing can send my poor mind into a tizzy, making me hopeful & sad (because generally hopeful leaves me sad & I’m not sure how to feel now except sad & perplexed & wanting the thing I’ve always wanted). But that’s me; nothing ever goes quite the way I planned it. So, while I wade through confusion, fleeting optimism & even a little hurt, I’ll go read some Steinbeck & take his quote to heart.