Waiting For Superman

Sometimes, when I get insomnia, I watch videos on YouTube & read comments & end up babbling. Tonight, I couldn’t sleep so I decided to watch the Vampire Diaries & my all time favourite scene made me listen to Ron Pope, who has been my go to singer lately (A Drop in the Ocean is just amazing) & this led me to the new Daughtry single.

I have a point, I promise.


I think all single women have waited for their Superman. I know I’ve wasted quite a long time waiting for my Superman. I’ve made the same excuses like the woman in the song. Blindly optimistic, believing he’ll come. Maybe someday I’ll meet my Superman. Maybe not. My single friends are all waiting for their Superman too. All women are & why not? Superman is strong, he’s brave, he’s a hero who rushes in & saves the day! Hooray! No matter how strong a woman is, we all want someone who’s going to take care of us sometimes. Yes, Superman is quite a catch! WWE Diva Nikki Bella refers to her longtime love, fellow WWE superstar John Cena as “Superman,” prompting fans of the E! Reality show Total Divas to long for a Superman of their own on social media.

Photo credit: Nikki Bella (@baciamibella Instagram)
Photo credit: Nikki Bella (@baciamibella Instagram)

However, we all forget that Superman comes with the other half; Clark Kent. Clark Kent doesn’t put Lois first. He ditches her (granted its to save the universe), he takes her for granted, he competes with her for stories & regardless of whether or not he’s Clark or Superman, Lois will never come first. The needs of his job as reporter & protector of Earth come first. Clark even walked out on Lois several times because he felt she couldn’t handle the double life, because he lost his temper with her & to protect her. Superman is great but he’s not perfect either.


I think so many women are waiting for Superman because they only want Superman; all hero, no zero. But sadly, even heroes are flawed. Nikki Bella’s Superman is reluctant to remarry & she has to accept the Clark Kent zero to be with her Superman. Are women willing to wait for their hero if it turns out he has a big huge Douchey side that doesn’t fit the happily ever after? Adversely, are men waiting for their Lois Lane, forgetting that she can also be a conniving, ball busting bitch? Are we all just waiting for half of a person? I know I’d accept Superman & his zero alter ego, because I know my Lois can be insecure & whiny & puts journalism first & sometimes struggles with anxiety that makes me clingy. I know this, I work on it, so while I wait for my Superman, I know he’s going to have a dark side too. A dark side I can love no matter what.

We’re all waiting for Superman, even if we haven’t met them yet, and like the song, we’re smiling thinking of why they haven’t come, but they will, oh, they will. However, when they do, we have to remember that Superman comes with a not so super alter ego that we must love as well…& clearly I need more sleep.