You Don’t Belong


I have a pet peeve.

People who whine about not having a job & then DO NOT LOOK FOR A JOB.

I hear a million excuses; I have no car, no retail experience, I was in school. That’s great, but I just got a job with no retail experience, no car & I just graduated from school.

I hear people blame foreigners, which is bullish. They’re coming here to find work & a life & bust their asses, likely @ jobs they’re overqualified for because they want to feed their families. They say I got my job because I’m a single mom. I don’t recall that being on my resume, but cool.

I got my job because, much like my friends still hunting, I spent eight hours a day, six days a week looking for work. I left my preschooler with a sitter & sometimes, brought her with me to fax resumes. I checked the job bank & kijiji at least five times a day. I handed out & followed up in hundreds of resumes, kept a log book & wore the clothes I wore to the law office. I sold myself & I found a job.

I have two friends who are doing the same & haven’t been fortunate yet, but it boils my blood when I see people milk the OW system or ODSP because they go out in ratty jeans with one resume & wonder why they aren’t getting hired. It’s because much like with all of life, you get what you put in. If you aren’t making finding a job your f/t job, then you aren’t going to get one.

For those of you who are, good luck! I know it’s hard & demoralizing & keep up the fight! You’ll get somewhere soon. As for the rest, think of how you’re selling yourself & reevaluate.