Introducing: The ASH Life!

Today, I’m excited to introduce to you my latest blog project: The ASH Life!

The ASH Life is totally different from my blog here. ASH Multimedia is me muddling through my life; the ASH Life is different people, different stages & walks of life finding a way to successfully parent their kids, live healthy & support each other.

Because of this, you see a different side of me from the ASH Life. In the opening, I explain how my background, the losing my job & relationship, trying to parent on my own, academic struggles, and a heartbreaking loss I suffered last year that only two people knew before now brought me to a dark place. In that place I learned that best friends don’t always have your best interests @ heart & most often, people are negative & judging your choices. The world isn’t easy & what works for me doesn’t work for another. This brought me to want to build an environment where people can discuss their triumphs, pitfalls & know they are supported (within reason, if you’re breaking the law, then no). I have found a team of amazing parents & friends who will talk about things from alternative parenting, health, wellness & personal growth. To help break the ice, in the link below you’ll learn all about me, my life, the things I don’t tell people & how all of those things led me to become the woman I am today. I do hope after reading it, you gain a new insight into MHC.

I hope you’ll continue to read ASH Multimedia & The ASH Life & enjoy both! I know I’ll enjoy bringing them to you.