The Coloured Night



I was so happy when I saw this cute little meme on my Facebook at the ungodly hour before corporate law, because it reminded me of so many of my various blog posts over the last few months.

So many of my friends and loved ones (and myself) are sort of in the same place in life, which is why I have kind of been hammering this point lately. We’re all sort of…stuck. Everyone is looking to make a career move, start a family, repair one of their interpersonal relationships, but there is something holding them back. Whether it’s a glass ceiling, their own pride, etc. So, everyone is sort of spinning their wheels and can only have the things they want when their minds wander.

So, where does MY mind go when it wanders away (besides here hahaha)? Real Estate. I have always wanted to own my own home, pay a mortgage, plant a garden and landscape and even pay property taxes! I like to imagine the idea of my own home. So, my mind generally wanders to the idea of my girls and I owning our home someday. Drew often laughs at me because the idea of owning a home sounds so horrible to him, but I did make him promise to laugh at me when I finally own a home and become pretentious about it for like a month.

We all know what our mind wanders to and sometimes, we will want it so much that we’ll continue to long for it. In some cases, the longer we’re away from or unable to have that which we desire, the more desperate the lengths we will go to try and obtain it. We’ll get more frustrated at work, more desperate to be near someone, we’ll cry at pregnancy announcements, or waste a lot of time on Remax’s website. For some of us, there is simply no way for us to have the thing we want most right now. I’m a sole support student/parent/writer in a lot of debt, purchasing a house is simply not in the cards for me right now. The glass ceiling might prevent you from moving ahead at work, financials may prevent that expanded family and for those people, those dreams must live only in our dreams. But for those who’s dream is attainable, why not go get it? Why not simply put one foot in front of the other and make that bold step to finally have what you truly want out of life? Maybe it’s something as simple as a vacation, repairing a relationship or a new workout plan.

But you know what you want, what your mind wanders to, what you’ll seek by any means necessary. It’s up to you to make it happen.