Hot Mess

“You can’t fight crazy people with more crazy.”

Because I am a student currently in good academic standing (Thanks to an adjustment on a grade & no, it doesn’t get old; I am a student in good academic standing), I feel I should share what I learn from my classes, as I am a student in good academic standing.

However, this comment from my professor cracked me up. It’s pretty much the truth; you can’t fight crazy with crazy. Truthfully, you can’t fight crazy at all.

After struggling for years trying to help someone understand depression, that its okay to seek help, that you can’t self medicate with alcohol & you can’t use it as a scapegoat & not take control, I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot help someone who will not help themselves. You can reach out, but you’ll get hurt every time. You can only help someone who wants to admit that they need it.

For most people, that day may never come. They’d rather lie their way out, claim nothing is wrong while they continue to spiral down. They would rather destroy what’s right for the sake of being right, lash out @ the ones who care & seek the approval of those who embody the “cool kids” who didn’t care for them in high school. They can’t admit that maybe they made a mistake, that something is wrong, that they’re damaged or maybe even buckling from years of abuse. It’s much easier to pretend we don’t care, we’re cool, it’s all good.

But no one ever considers the ripple effects of their ostrich like behaviour. They impact their loved ones who turn to their loved ones. So, while you may be self destructing & think you’re only impacting yourself, you’re wrong. You’re hurting your family, friends, their family & friends, all of the people who care most about you.

So, while you cannot combat crazy with more crazy, you also cannot battle it with good intentions. Self awareness & a good support system from the people who truly love you (& of course, the option for counselling is always there & there is NO shame in admitting you need help from a professional or medication) is pretty much the only way to do it.