Or…You could put a top on!

It’s amazing how little people think before they interact with children.

I’m guilty of it myself; when my kids aren’t with me, I’ve been known to curse, be obnoxious without a thought to the kids around me. I will remember at a shopping mall or a park or a grocery store, but I can’t say the same for Canada’s Wonderland or a movie theatre. It’s something I know I need to work on.

This subject became a water cooler topic this week when singer/songwriter Katy Perry’s playdate with Elmo on Sesame Street was cut short after parents reacted to her cleavage baring lime green mini dress. Not only was the dress ugly, but it dipped scandalously low for a preschool audience (perhaps the frock would be better suited for an episode of Gossip Girl). Perry took to Twitter to defend herself and later encouraged fans to view the clip on her blog. Perry’s fiancée Russell Brand also tweeted on the issue, claiming the show would not be broadcast by the number 34 or letter D.

Perry is known for her daring outfits, bubblegum lyrics and penchant for nudity. Why anyone thought she was a good fit for Sesame Street is beyond me. However, the onus was on Perry and the Children`s Television Workshop to ensure that her “California Gurls” were covered up for her appearance. I find it hard to believe that no one saw her and thought they should ask her nicely to cover up? (I’ve heard rumours that she insisted on the dress, but that’s purely speculation). Either way, Sesame Street is a show for children and it’s up to all parties to ensure it stays that way.

Which brings me to my point; is it so hard to be mindful of other people’s children? I know I want people to be mindful of my own, so I should show the same courtesy to those around me. I understand those who do not have children may not think about it as much, but if you have nieces or nephews, you likely behave differently around them as opposed to when you are with your friends. I don’t think asking Ms Perry to wear a t shirt to Sesame Street so she looked like she belonged there instead of the corner of Cass and Bagley. Maybe Sesame Street should impliment a dress code like a nightclub does, only in reverse.

One thought on “Or…You could put a top on!

  1. Yeeeesshhhhhhhh..

    I’m not sure what I want to say about that. “Pointless, trashy F-list singer”, “zero budget for wardrobe?” and something scathing about Elmo. Jumbled amongst that is my rant, I might try again when I’m over Monday Syndrome.

    Oh, and what happened to the actual street set? Seriously.

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